samedi 26 janvier 2008

goodly worst week

had barely any sleep this last week of second quarter stop determines one of the final things to go on the mid-year report to colleges stop never thought id survive but did stop french phonetics linear algebra classes afterschool so much craziness in schedule stop side note, this format of writing got so much zero-copula hor, so much like singlish leh stop debate scrimmage thursday 2-1 swim meet 9 second and 7 second drop for free and breast respectively stop debate at states got so many elimination rounds knocked out 90% of contestants stop i survived until the final round stop each time was like heng ah stop third place in the state of maine stop in a hurry to finish work drink caffeine hence telegram format end

mardi 15 janvier 2008

a scoring guide for music

it's obvious that some songs don't need a focus on intellectual appeal or even harmony to be good -- but it's just that a song that can do all of it brilliantly would be just that -- deserving of a near 100. Has any been created yet? Hmm...

30% (any category or overall) = tolerable
50% good enough to go on a playlist
70% great playlist item
90%+ did I say masterpiece?

intellectual appeal 15%
acuteness 13%
harmony and aesthetics 22%
rhythm 12%
refreshing/original/distinctive 12%
"stickiness" 6%

mardi 1 janvier 2008

et elle est arrivée

One day in 1999, as a fourth grader reading Time, I thought, "They're going to complete the International Space Station in 2008? But that's such a long time away! That's forever!"

But even as a nine-year-old, I knew there was a sense of inevitability to it. It is a strange feeling, to know something unimaginable is going to be inevitable -- sort of like the college applications I am still finishing.

And so it has come.

The ISS is still rather far from complete, though.