mercredi 11 mai 2005

Tout est rien, rien est tout, tout sans significance - rien exclu

Nostalgia keeps haunting me now and then. To my specific case, it is the longing for reaffirmation of meaning I think. Sont les amis distractions or reassurances? Naturally, I hope its the latter. The version of Nostalgia (as in the poem) that Shawn sent me still doesn't seem to cut it though. I might resend it in to the school magazine later when I make some slight modifications. Reaffirmpation and empathy, that's it. And it has to be diverse , to strengthen the concept.

Just a few days ago, I completed a 15,000 word, 27 page packet that I had to make notes of and summarise for biology about cancer. It was dreadfully exhausting. Did raise a few interesting points about apoptosis and programmed cell death though, which is quite fascinating really.

I'm also being plagued by dandruff. No matter how many time I try to scratch it off, it always reppears a minute later. Puzzling. Anyhow, I'm supposed to write a "thesis" - or at least a 3-argument 1-main argument essay about a historical topic I chose. The main difference between this and say...any other essay I write is I now have to cite sources. Even if I know its true. Even every single miniscule detail must be referenced, I think. This is what makes it so different, and its due the day after tomorrow.

Anyway, that Direct Democracy vs Representative Democracy essay I did, I got a 40/40 on it. I think that's the first time I ever got full marks for an extensive piece of writing. Plus, it only goes to show who's ideologically right, right?

I also have to read this French book. I'd feel so much less guilty if the teacher assigned us some questions to do, not simply leave us alone to wallow in the pits of self studying French literature. Oh well.

Yes, my post is rather disjointed than usual, that's because my thoughts are rather disjointed right now. I'm trying to fix this....I know, I have to write a poem of sorts. I'll see to this. I've been fantasising about a lot of political scenarios recently as well. I'll need to accomodate that. Or my own painting, like that I did the other year...

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