mardi 10 mai 2011

I dislike this new populistic opposition

I definitely still support all opposition parties, but the rise in populism and xenophobia on opposition forums now start to scare me. Parliament -- if you investigate videos and transcripts -- intriguingly, isn't quite a rubber stamp. Or maybe it is. Fine arguments are still made. (Although Harry sometimes shuts things down out of "omg getreal" anti-idealism).

Lee Hsien Loong says proportional representation isn't "the right system for Singapore" because it leads to fractured, polemicised, racialised politics. And I agree -- Singapore's legislature has largely avoided the problems of many western legislatures where these issues dominate needlessly. Yet at the same time he does not seem to address the issue of why religious conservatives are allowed to dominate policy!

If the PAP respected individual liberty and freedom of speech and repealed 377A, among implementing other various reforms, I would be content, rather than side with the strengthening opposition that increasingly shows its growing power. But it doesn't. So Opp I go.

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